86. my sweet visit with family this weekend

87. my aunt finding her perfectly suited gma name, Coco

88.  the growing boy in my cousin’s belly and his fabulous health

89.  blue skies and good food to fellowship over

90. Catcher’s sweet voice

91.  the buzz of my grain mill and the pleasure making bread for my family has become

92. I’m so excited to see my boys when they wake up from naps in an hour or so

93. Tee’s questions and thought behind them

94. Oliver’s forgiving, laid back nature….taking the family’s timing in stride, even when he’s late for a meal.

95.  books

96.  soft, chubby baby thighs

97.  slippers

98.  contrast

99. opinions

100.  obedience

101.  perseverance

102.  6pm every weekday

103.  a place to call home

104.  a weekend of my mom’s cooking and care