My hummus has really hit the spot today.  I roasted the chickpeas before I soaked them, playing with the flavor.  Honestly, it doesn’t seem to change the flavor much.  But then again, I have a cold and can’t smell anything right now, so what do I know!  If I blow my nose and then take a bit, quickly, I can taste the wonderful harmony of citrus, creamy garlic and salt…

My bread is unusually horrible today.  I’ve been soaking my flour after it’s milled to activate the enzyme phytase, working to reduce the phytic acid.  The dough becomes quite sticky though and doesn’t seem to develop gluten like it should, baking into a crumbly mess.  I keep thinking it’s my wheat because it’s from a package from crummy Whole Foods Market.  I’m not sure of its origin or harvest season.  Annoying.  I’m waiting on an order of Wheat Montana Prairie Gold.  It’s supposed to arrive mid March…I’m excited to go pick it up along with a bucket of oat groats, flax seeds, 9 grain cereal mix and brown rice.  My kind of order!

The boys each got a sheet of stickers from Whole Foods today (another crummy wheat berry run).  By the time we were home, Catcher had EATEN the stickers.  What am I supposed to do with that?

I plan on soaking some pumpkin seeds this afternoon, then will dehydrate them tonight to make pepitas for tomorrow.  I’m so tempted to add cayenne pepper to them, but, will then rule them out for my kids.  Not gonna rule them out.  Not gonna add the cayenne.

I finally made these chocolate creams today.  Best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth!  I’m (painfully) saving it for after pizza tonight.  The boys in my life are going to flip, it’s so rare they get dessert.

Olly will have a baby custard when he wakes up from nap.  It’s a gently baked mixer of raw milk, raw cream, egg yolks, vanilla and salt.  I just had to taste it.  I think Olly will enjoy them very much.  Hopefully the custard will overpower (doubtful) the squirt of fermented cod liver oil he’s going to get in the middle of his meal.

I think pinto beans are the most simple and filling bean around.  There are some soaking on my countertop and will be cooked, mixed with rice for a complete protein then topped with cheese to Catcher’s delight tomorrow.  I love knowing their individual tastes and making those special little meals for my boys.

Oh, and later this week I will be sprouting…lentils and wheat berries.  They’ll be lightly steamed and mixed with a curry blend and topped with a fresh and raw cilantro, ginger and garlic sauce.  I can’t wait…but must because those little guys must sprout first!

And lastly today, since my sandwich bread will be best served as eggy french toast, I’m going to begin a sourdough starter this afternoon.  We rarely do sandwiches these days, but a lunch medley instead.  I think a hunk of warm whole wheat sourdough bread will fit right in.