I’ve been going back and forth for some time now about getting an ice cream maker.  I love everything about it, except one thing.  I’m addicted to Blue Bell ice cream.  Total addict.

However, considering my pantry and most of my fridge looks like an indecipherable mason jar maze of beans, grains, fermented foods and the like out the wazoo, you’d think I would have looked at the ingredients of my dear Blue Bell by now.  It takes 12 letters of referral, 14 good reviews and an intense family taste/voting test for a food product to make it in our home (not true at all), yet I have not, on purpose, looked at the ingredients in Blue Bell ice cream. Well, I had not…until a few weeks ago.

It’s been a rough few weeks, banning Blue Bell from the home.  Moments of weakness have brought it back in, only to go back out again.  Once and for all, it must go.  Corn syrup and hydrogenated fats have no home in my home.  It was my last refined sugar, processed and branded hold…it is no more.  I won’t go back.

And then the final straw.  The final, ice-cream-maker-purchasing-straw was a recipe by David Lebovitz.  His ice cream recipe called Roquefort Honey Ice Cream put me OVER THE EDGE.  Even if I never made anything homemade, I would just to try this recipe.  The description was enough.  SOLD.

Therefore, when the ice cream maker I’d been eyeing in my Amazon cart went down in price, I bought it.  And by-the-way, did you know when you log into your Amazon account, you will be told if anything in your cart has decreased or increased in price?  Am I the last person to figure this out?  It’s wonderful.  I put tons of items in my cart (the saved for later area) and watch them rise and fall in price.  It can be cents to tens of dollars difference.

So here I am, waiting on my ice cream maker to arrive, finishing off the last of the Blue Bell and thinking of another flavor of ice cream that starts with blue and ends with cheese.  Roquefort cheese!

***I would like to clear the air and say I am not and will never be a Blue Bell ice cream hater.  It’s the best store-bought ice cream made in the best state in our nation, Texas.  While I’m stepping away from the freezer aisle in my grocery store, I’ll never forget the fabulous Blue Bell flavors. I’m sure I will fail many times in my homemade ice cream adventure only to go running back to dear BB for a little taste of nostalgia.  Love ya Blue Bell, but we’re just not good for each other.  It’s me, not you.  Press on BB. Press on.**