105. “mommy mommy mommy”

106.  waking to the morning slowly

107.  waking without the headache

108.  the excitement of a new fresh week and the hope that it holds

109.  my children love Christmas music year round

110.  the warm draft of the dehydrator on the way to the playroom

111.  holding my wiggly 3 year old during the church service yesterday

112.  his sweet whispers and rest on my shoulder

113.  Oliver’s little thumb

114.  our herbal tincture for colds was ready just in time

115.  a quick pass of colds through our family

116.  brothers who are best friends

117.  free shipping

118.  google reader telling me many friends have blogged this morn!

119.  avocadoes with olive oil, soy sauce and sesame oil

120.  smelling my babies furry heads

121.  craft time

122. tiny tighty whities

123.  wiping tiny tushies

124.  Hamish and Dat

125.  car time with my kids

126.  the example my man is to our boys