Our ice cream maker has arrived!  After a full 24 hour bowl chill and then the discovery (on a very rainy Friday) that we were out of eggs, our first batch of ice cream was…a sorbet.  The rest of our oranges, juiced.  It was delish!

Now that we’re back up and running with eggs (I did slosh through the rain, kids in tow, to get some eggs), I’ve blended a little concoction that is chilling as I type.

You’ll be disappointed to know it’s free of cheese.  I’m out of blue cheese at the moment.  But do avocados and kefir add any cheese-equivalent flair?

Since my ice cream adventure thus far has been about what I don’t have (first eggs!  now cheese!), I’m making a probiotic chocolate blend.  And let me tell you, avocados, kefir and all, the chilling mixture tastes creamy, rich, sweet and full of chocolate!  Here is the recipe.  I’ll fill you in on fully chilled, mixture flavor bonanza once prepared tonight.

Over and out.