1.  The older boys kitchen-sink smoothie today included: bananas, blueberries, avocado, herb mix, coconut oil, raw milk kefir and sunbutter (sprouted sunflower seeds, blended).  I think that’s all it included.

2.  All 3 boys took their daily fermented cod liver oil and wanted more.  I feel like I’m living in an alternate universe each time they take it.  That stuff tastes horrible.

3.  We drove out to Casselberry and Longwood for Craigslist items…bought the bed rails in Casselberry.  When I got to Longwood, I saw the play kitchen on her front porch, all covered in mildew, and went running.  Yeah, foul, no thanks.

4.  Tee is moving to the top bunk tonight.

5.  Catch is moving to the bottom bunk tonight.

6.  I’m a little worried about the bunk bed ladder.  Will it be too much of a temptation for Catcher to use?

7.  Olly is moving into the boy’s room once the bunk boys are established.  We’ll give them a couple nights.

8.  I went to a Florida Organic Growers meeting last night with a friend.  It was all about honey and oh so interesting.  Did you know corn syrup can be added to honey and it’s still called honey?  Be careful what you buy!  Buy local, from a known source.  I bought some avocado honey and blackberry twist honey.  Wow.  I may have started a new addiction.  Sneaking spoonfuls of honey.  The avocado honey is deep and rich, similar to molasses.  The blackberry reminds me of flowers really; it’s very sweet and crisp.

9.  I also bought some eggs from a local chicken owner last night.  The boys and I ate through a few of them, soft-boiled, for lunch.  Such a hit.  The centers are deep orange and the taste is different then store-bought organic eggs.  I’d say there is something grassy about them, but in a good way.  We savored every bite!

10.  There are 128 ounces of vodka sitting on my dining table.

11.  They are split into 4 bottles and steeping tinctures as I type.  One for cough, one for sleep…if we have a cough or insomnia/stressful situation happen in 3+ weeks, we’ll be set.  Until then, no tincture for you.

12.  Tee: mommy, I’m gonna grow up.  Me: When?  Tee: Tomorrow…you said I had to be a big boy to sleep in the top bunk.  I’m gonna sleep in the top bunk tomorrow and be growed up.  Me: What do you think about going back to your old crib?  Tee: huh?  Me:  I just want you to stay my little boy, that’s all…yes babe, you’re growing up.

13.  Olly is crawling up a couch cushion, dislodged by an older boy and set up as a ramp…he’s about to the top of the couch now.  I’m sort of impressed, sort of freaked out.

14.  I’m making crackers this afternoon.  The boys eat their weight in these crackers.  Amazing.

15.  This morning came way too fast.  Why am I the only one in our family struggling with this time change thing?  Not good for a night owl.  I’m deceived with all this energy in the night, then CRASH, BAM, BOOM, comes the early morning.

16.  I bought Catcher some $3 flip-flops at Old Navy the other day.  His world is rocked, he’s so excited.  Even wants to sleep in them.  That might be the best $3 I’ve ever spent.

17.  I put Olly back down from the couch.  He’s now climbed into the bottom shelf of our buffet.

18.  Dipes are waiting to be washed.

19.  Hmmm, time for another spoonful of honey.

20.  I’ve got some pinto beans sprouting right now.  Sprouting really is amazing.  It mimics germination and creates a whole slew vitamins in the process.  It also neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors that keep the legume dormant, making it much easier for your belly to digest.  We love us some pinto beans, sprouted, around here…with a side of soaked brown rice for a complete protein.

21.  If I could only pick one wrap, which would be hard for me to do, I’d go with my Storchenwiege.  It dominates in all of the carrying positions and is my most favorite for the ruck sack, back carry: a life saver when I need to be in the kitchen, but want to hold Olly close.  It’s a looong piece of non-stretchy, woven fabric that you wrap in all sorts of ways depending on the carry position.  The bright colors are fantastic and so is the secure feeling of the tight hold.

22.  The chocolate, probiotic ice cream was a success!  Avocado, kefir and all–the taste was tart, like yogurt, smooth and chocolate-y.  I couldn’t believe all the good stuff in it and the great taste really came from our ice cream maker.  I made regular chocolate ice cream the next night.  I’ve never tasted anything as creamy and fresh.  This ice cream making thing has definitely found a spot in our hearts.  More mixes to come!  And when I get out to the store again, blue cheese!  And honey!  Yessss, yet another use for my magical honey.

23.  Thom has some meetings tonight and won’t be home till late.  He’s missing chicken curry and bedtime routines.  I’m going to be missing his routine with the boys as well!

24.  Tee wants to learn to read.  I’m not jumping all over that one, but now he’s asking me how to spell out everything, then which sounds letter combinations make.  He may just teach himself, that child.

25.  Olly threw down 3 (smallish) sweet potatoes and some coconut milk kefir for lunch today.  Rounded out with a 1/4 teaspoon fermented cod liver oil.  Yummo.

26.  And now, Olly just let out a little yelp from under our pew.  Classic ready-for-my-nap yelp.  Sure enough, thumb in mouth, head on my shoulder, right down to bed.  He reminds me so much of Tee at 7 months.

27.  I’m going to plan out my next round of fermented foods this afternoon.  Kraut is on there.  So is salsa.  I’m thinking pickles and working on sourdough starter.  That sourdough starter is being a bit fickle.  I will win starter, I will!  Now bubble up and get to work.

28.  I want to paint my toenails, but hate using the jet fuel stuff to remove the polish.  Is there a better solution?  I will usually wait for it to wear off, but that can take many months.  Not such a cute look.

29.  Oh, another honey fact.  Raw, unfiltered, unheated, unmessed-with honey never spoils!

30.  Aunt Carol, I have a few more Vero pics to edit, then I’ll put ’em up on picasa…I’m sorry I’ve been so slow with those!  Kisses.

31.  It’s 2:31pm and I have a sleeping house.  Time to get working.