I love a good meal plan.  It cuts down the stresses of the week and ensures we’ll actually be eating alright.  Crummy is the food week when this little plan is not made!  I mean, lentils don’t sprout 2 hours before dinner…

I do most of my produce shopping Saturday morning and a few quick pick ups on our way home from church.  Otherwise, most of my non-perishable ingredients are freezer bound or bought in bulk and don’t need re-purchasing often.  Raw milk, cream and butter are bought bi-monthly.

I’ve included the kitchen tasks as part of the menu since they involve that room of the house.

Breakfast is the same during the week and the dinner menu is set.  Lunches are flexible and will often be a medley. Kombucha and raw (whole) milk are offered at one meal each per day.  Everyone has a stainless steel water bottle at each meal and with them throughout the day; water is the main drink.

Snack options available this week include grass-fed beef jerky, crispy nuts, apples and pears, fresh orange juice, yogurt crackers, kefir, cucumbers in raw apple cider vinegar, carrot sticks and hard boiled eggs with sea salt.

I have some yummy dark chocolate I may share with the boys this week as well as any new ice cream batch.

Here we go…


Breakfast: (Thom and older boys) soaked oatmeal with bananas and homemade yogurt or kefir, (Olly) 2 bananas with coconut kefir, (Me) homemade yogurt with herbs, 2 hard boiled eggs with sea salt, and red raspberry tea sweetened with honey.

Lunch: (Older boys and myself) yogurt dough crackers, raw cheese, kefir smoothie with  bananas/coconut oil/sunbutter/herbs, apple with peanut butter, 1/2 teaspoon fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) for the boys, 1 teaspoon for myself, (Olly) sweet potato with raw butter and 1/4 teaspoon fermented cod liver oil.

Dinner: (Parents and older boys) sprouted wheat tortillas with leftover sprouted pinto beans, raw cheese, guacamole and fermented salsa, (Olly) pureed chicken and onions with bone broth, liver and avocado.


  • sprout lentils for Wednesday
  • soak yogurt cracker and tart dough for Tuesday
  • cook and process Olly’s brocoli, butternut squash, sweet potato
  • clean and tear lettuce
  • soak barley for Thursday
  • start double fermentation for juice kombucha
  • make sweet tea for new kombucha
  • dehydrate sprouted wheat
  • add to sourdough starter (it’s taken, it’s bubbly!)
  • strain kefir
  • soak oatmeal for Tuesday


B: same as Monday

L: (Older boys and myself) same as Monday, (Olly) same as Monday, but add an egg yolk with sea salt.

D: Kale, onion and cheese tart (from the sprouted wheat yogurt dough) with a balsamic/mustard/olive oil/honey dressed salad with raw carrots, (Olly) pureed beef with bone broth, beets with raw butter.


  • soak brown rice for Wednesday
  • sprout barley for Thursday
  • Kraut goes in fridge after 3 day counter fermentation
  • juice kombucha goes in fridge
  • add to sourdough starter
  • soak oatmeal for Wednesday


B: same as Monday

L: similar to Monday, change up the smoothie a bit, FCLO

D: (Parents and older boys) Soaked brown rice and sprouted lentils with sausage, onions and herbs, (Olly) pureed beef with bone broth and butternut squash with raw butter.


  • make a crusty bread (possibly with sourdough starter?)
  • add to sourdough starter
  • strain kefir
  • drive out to pick up grain, groat, flax and rice order
  • soak oatmeal for Thursday


B: same as Monday

L: (Older boys and myself) leftovers, FCLO (Olly) brocoli with raw butter, bone broth, FCLO, raw cheese

D: (Parents and older boys) grass-fed beef roast with sprouted barley, sauerkraut, pickled beets and possibly crusty bread, salad with yogurt dressing and cucumbers(Olly) pureed roast, pickled beets, kraut with bone broth


  • season cast iron
  • add to sourdough starter
  • soak oatmeal for Friday


B: you guessed it, same as Monday

L: (Older boys and myself) crusty bread with raw butter and peanut butter, raw cheese and pears, possible smoothie, FCLO (Olly) same as Thursday

D: (Parents and older boys) leftover roast, broth and potatoes in a mash topped with kraut and hot sauce (for adults), balsamic salad with raw carrots, (Olly) pureed roast “mash”


  • grind sprouted wheat and soak in kefir overnight for Saturday pancakes
  • strain kefir
  • start more vanilla extract
  • add to sourdough starter


B: (Parents and older boys) soaked whole wheat pancakes with maple syrup and bananas, tea for parents, (Olly) bananas and coconut kefir

L: (All) medley out of the fridge, possible picnic, possible left over rice and veggie stir fry in red palm oil, FCLO, (Olly) random medley, but no grains.

D: (Parents and older boys) sprouted whole wheat pizza topped with bacon, caramelized onions, raw motz and rosemary, salad(Olly) pureed chicken, onions and liver with sweet potato


  • start double fermentation for kombucha
  • brew sweet tea for new kombucha
  • add to sourdough starter


B: (Parents and older boys) crispy pancake (leftover) “sandwiches” stuffed with peanut butter and bananas, (Olly) the usual

L: (Parents and older boys) left over pizza from Saturday, FCLO (Olly) veggies with raw butter, FCLO

D: (All) salmon with raw butter and lemon, salad with balsamic dressing (not Olly), and sweet potato fries with sea salt and red palm oil


  • meal plan for next week
  • buy eggs and fish after church
  • add to sourdough starter
  • soak oatmeal for Monday