130.  Catcher’s beautiful hands.  There is something soulful about his eyes and his hands.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it in a child.

131.  Olly’s successful move to the big boys room for night-time.  It’s achy to me…but a success nonetheless.

132.  a meal plan that frees up my time during the week

133.  running through the end of the day instead of into the end of the day

134.  patience this week

135.  how good running has felt and seeing improvement

136.  incredible weather and glimpses of thankfulness for this sandbar

137.  house plans

138.  prayer

139.  a clean kitchen at the end of the night

140.  my man at home every night

141.  the way Tee leans on my shoulder as I read to him, as if he intends to lean there forever.

142.  the overwhelming joy as I walked into the boy’s room tonight and looked around.  how did I get here?  is this really my life?

143.  more “day blue” at the end of the day

144.  listening to them ask for forgiveness from each other

145.  “I forgive you”

146.  “I love you”

147.  “I want to be a kind boy”

148.  “good job bud”

149.  brothers encouraging one another

150.  how Olly fits right in

151.  a recently rearranged living room gives more space for train track laying

152.  the quacking duck ring assigned to a certain friend bringing a smile every time it quacks

153.  camping at the cross

154.  praying together

155.  quick reminders, when I stub my toe on yet another toy car, that these toy cars all around me are placed there by great gifts

156.  a handwritten letter

157.  running like I was 8 years old again

158.  solitude

159.  “mommy, hold me”

160.  “I’ll just stay here with you”

161. (with a shy smile) “I obeyed”

162.  my children’s quick reminders when I am being unkind in my words and tone

163.  Thom’s short drive to work

164.  Tee asks everyday if it is Saturday yet.  He tells us Daddy stays home on Saturdays.

165.  Sons who want their Daddy home all the time

166.  Sons who light up when Daddy walks through the door

167.  The daddy Thom is

168.  and the husband

169.  and the friend

170.  having the desire to want to want to