Few times are worse than when your child is crying for you and you cannot get to them.

They are screaming and banging the door and hysterical.

You use your high-pitched, happy voice and encourage them to turn the little knob.  You can do it buddy, turn the little knob.

They don’t understand and in their voice you can tell they feel betrayed by you.  And discouraged.

There are bursts of  frustration and slumping at the door.

You press your head into the door, discouraged yourself, willing them to turn the knob with their small 2-year-old fingers.  You can do it, you can do it.

Then, they get quiet and your heart starts to race, you start getting frantic, where are you?  Are you ok sweetheart?  Why aren’t you screaming? Talk to me! Lord, protect him from the bathroom dangers.  Be with him.

And a tiny, shaky voice from inside the locked bathroom speaks clearly, I’m scared mama, get me out.

He starts to faintly whimper.

Daddy has now popped away the door jamb and is banging at the lock.  That faint whimper starts to scream again (relief) for you to hold him, the banging is too loud.

You can see his red curls through the crack in the door.  He’s stayed by the door the whole time, face pressed against the crack now, released by the door jamb.

A few more clicks and the door is released.  That tiny, shaking body is in arms.  His tear-stained, swollen and boogie smeared face snuggles deep into your neck and holds on to you with his death grip.  So do you.

The actions you must take to get to him out are frightening to him.

But you don’t stop; the actions are not the danger.  The absence from his parents (the absence from the Father) is where the danger lives.

You never stop until they are in your arms.

Lord, may I be as diligent in calling my children to obedience in You and praying for them…all the days of my life.

171.  a quick call to Daddy and he’s home

172.  Catcher stayed by the door

173.  an easily removable door jamb

174.  reminders of God’s relentless pursuit of us

175.  my babe in arms

176.  Catcher’s voice as he sang happy birthday 15 minutes later

177.  then he sang his ABCs