I want to remember their little saddle oxfords and curls from today.  I want to remember the (unusually) calm Sunday morning this Easter 2010 brought.  I want to remember Olly sleeping on my chest during the church service and my first full sermon in almost a year.

I also want to remember his content cuddle the rest of the day and the gratitude in my heart for the last year of trials and blessings.  I want to remember eating lunch outside with the family and talking over what Jesus did for our 3.5-year-old and 2-year-old (and 8 month old too, but he was napping at the time).

Today felt like I was dreaming…starting traditions and glimpses of the future as we begin real dialogue with our babes about Jesus.  It’s going in, they are getting it and their mouths are speaking of His work.  All my dreams are wrapped up  in them knowing their Savior.  All of them.