Dear Tee,

Today was beautiful outside.  You and I spent much of the afternoon skipping nap and playing in the backyard.  Then Olly joined us, followed by a bleary-eyed Catcher.

At one point we had snacks on the patio, next to the big play house.  You love kombucha.  You love popcorn with butter and salt.  I pulled some sprouted wheat, chocolate chip cookie dough out of the freezer and baked a few up; yall devoured them.  However, your water was just as big of a hit with you.

After snacks all 3 of you hit the swings.  I strapped Olly in.  You and Catch situated yourselves, belly down, on your swings and sang your version of “swing low” at the top of your lungs.  While spitting at the high notes and laughing.

I sat back and just watched.  I watched as you jumped off your swing, almost in mid air, to run and give Olly a little push when his swing had slowed down.  I watched as you tossed your crocs and laughed, so Catcher tossed his crocs…but cried.  You jumped off your swing many times to retreive his tossed crocs and help put them back on his feet.

I went inside to get dinner going and watched you three through the window.  I watched you slip through the broken screen porch door to get a ride-on-toy for Catcher.  You struggled under the odd shape and weight, but steadily and slowly got it through the door and down the steps.  And then helped him get his crocs on again.  And gave Olly a little push.

I watched as you knocked on the window for me because Catcher needed more water.

I watched yall jump back on the swings and sing “swing low” while spitting into the air and laughing.

I watched you give Catcher and Oliver each wads of grass when you thought that was cool for a minute to hold wads of grass.

I watched as you tapped on the garden room window, but didn’t wait for my response.  I watched as you ran over to Olly’s swing instead.  When I ran outside, knowing something was up, I heard you tell me the wind was scaring you and that Olly couldn’t get out of his swing without help.

It was in that moment I knew.  I knew I had just watched you grow up quite a bit.

As I swallowed the growing lump in my throat, I pulled Olly out of the swing and brought you all inside.  Only to look back and find you running out to grab Catcher’s water bottle for him.

Bursting throat-lump and flowing tears (mine)…I am proud of you Tee.