178.  smoothies

179.  boys

180.  the perfect napping spot

181.  unusual amount of energy on Sunday

182.  a healthy husband

183.  boys who sleep well

184.  boys who eat well

185.  clean showers

186.  the family dining table

187.  a very active kitchen

188.  my mailbox is 3 steps out my front door

189.  Romans 8:28 AND verse 29

190.  mild days

191.  back yard baby pools, swings and dirt

192.  snack time is conversation time with my kids

193.  talking about Jesus with them

194.  Tee’s interest in spelling everything

195.  his interest in math and watching his mind work

196.  the way Catcher sleeps with his hands on his forehead

197.  seeing Oliver in the church nursery this weekend and how clear it was that he is not ready

198.  knowing my babies

199.  sound machines

200.  tinctures

201.  my purse is a diaper bag filled with cars, water bottles and salve for boo-boos

202.  bed sheets with dogs and cars

203.  a freshly laundered blankie

204.  boys and their dogs

205.  my camera

206.  a friend down the street

207.  lakes within walking distance

208.  ducks at the lake

209.  a stroller that holds all my babes

210.  legs to walk

211.  sandals

212.  God’s opinion of me

213.  relief