Day 11.  We are on day 11 of the most nasty virus to sweep our family.  Ever.

It starts out as a trick.  You think you  have food poisoning.  Then one by one, the whole family falls.  Sometimes 3 family member AT A TIME.

Olly’s first illness.  The older boys only second time to vomit in their little life…both parents, (were) out.  Headaches.  Cold symptoms.  Coughs.  AND 11 DAYS AND COUNTING.

I thought we were in the clear yesterday.  The past couple of days had gone well.  A little snot and some sleepiness were lingering, but otherwise moving on.  I’m walking out the door at 7p and Olly starts to vomit.  WHAT?!?!  Then again at 11p.  He was pale and exhausted and screaming and gagging, falling asleep in between seconds of vomit like a narco baby grasping for relief.  The dry heaving kept ripping him from sleep.  Damn virus hurting my baby.

Now everyone has relapsed but me.  And when mama is down, all might as well be down.

I AM OVER IT.  I want my kids back.  I want, when someone cries out in the night, to not start running before my feet hit the ground to clean up vomit.

Stay far away from our house.  You want none of what we’ve got.  You may even be too close reading this on the internet.

At this rate, see you in a couple of months.  Bleh.