214.  a husband who lets me sleep in when I’m sick

215. a babe who is completely comforted when I hold him

216.  herbal vapors…when I put it on my chest, Olly snuggles deep into me, I wrap the sling around him and he finds rest.

217.  wooden block roads

218.  cashew butter sandwiches

219.  sprouted wheat

220.  at least we’re sick together

221.  I can still smell their heads as I kiss them, even with these cold like symptoms

222.  the internet

223.  the beach

224.  hope for renewed health

225.  cough tincture

226.  little boys lying around the living room

227.  the small things that bring them comfort

228.  green shoots and leaves all around us

229.  no allergies

230.  sweet friends

231.  Even with a sad Olly, if we pass a mirror, he stops crying and starts frantically waving bye bye…there is relief for both of us in this break of crying pattern.

232.  Oliver’s cute little nose

233.  sick boys want more hugs

234.  their sick breath has this sterile, yummy smell (I know, only their mother would love this…)

235.  a washing machine at home

236.  they suddenly like dvds again–just in time for sick days

237.  this sickness hasn’t rendered me incapable of caring for my babies

238.  Oliver’s furry head and the way it feels as I skim my lips over it

239.  Tee’s thick hair sweeping across his forehead, hiding 1 little curl underneath

240.  Catcher’s new-found pride in building towers

241.  and his high pitch squeal of delight when they stand (and fall)

242.  the desire for more children and the hope for them

243.  spring