I’m checking out at Target tonight…organic bananas.  The scale is broken so the young cashier winks at me (no thank you) as he pulls out his iphone to ring me up.  Um, what? First problem.

Target is its typical 1 checkout lane open for every 1000 customers…I’m not about to switch lanes for a scale.  Let’s see what this dude can do with his iphone.

As he’s pricing my bananas, WITH HIS IPHONE, he looks up smiling and goes,

“Do you really buy into all this bunk?”

“I’m sorry?”

“I mean, my mom (your mom?) is a personal trainer and she says all this organic stuff is a load of bunk.  What do you think (what do you think girl paying for organic bananas as I speak…the ones I’m ringing up on my iphone, somehow)?”

“Only if you value your sperm count.  It’ll taste like bananas, poison or not.”


The iphone gave me a pretty good price.  Thank you and goodnight.