Summer arrived at our house today.  It started as train building…which moved to the back porch.  But then, their feet were already dirty, so play moved to our backyard.  And lunch happened on the table outside.  Olly joined in after morning nap and ate his fair share of bugs/leaves.

Our shower is broken and waiting on the plumber (gotta love a rental), so the pool came out to wash off the boys.  And of course some play time.  3 naked boys splashing like this little pool is the greatest thing in the world.  I love their small world.  I love their unharnessed squeals of delight and the “mommy look at me!” as they slip down the slide.

They were soaped up and rinsed off after almost 2 hours of pool time.  I hooded them all in their towels and off to change in the house.

I have 3 little boys napping amongst their cars, worn out by the sun and smelling like soft dirt.  They went to bed excited about the peanut butter and banana smoothies I told them I’d make them when they woke up.  They went to bed with my promise that I would not move their train tracks or cars while they slept to vacuum.

My house is quiet now.  And destroyed.  I still have a lot to do today and have made little movement towards my to do list.

I think I don’t see it–how much of their childhood is just happening around me.  Sometimes I feel like I’m waiting for the events to capture on film and build up in discussion with them.

But this is their childhood.  Today.  It’s not the big event plans I’m dreaming up in the coming months.  It’s the impromptu lunches outside–however unorganized–and “bathes” in the pool.  It’s putting the dish towel down to sit and race cars with them.

Today is their childhood.  It’s a wild privilege to be along for the ride.