My first-born turned 4 years old today!  This child who made me a mama, who stole my heart his first second of life, oh how I love my first-born Tee!

244.  Tee’s blond hair

245.  his bright blue eyes

246.  his tender soul

247.  his timidness

248.  his complete silliness

249.  his glances for approval

250.  his glances for affirmation

251.  that he glances at all

252.  his love for his little brothers

253.  he prefers lip kisses over cheek kisses

254.  he is comforted by a snuggle

255.  his smile, through tears, after discipline

256.  the beauty in his demeanor after he repents

257.  his love of words

258.  his love of puzzles

259.  the way he lines all his cars up

260.  the 20+ lego ducks he made the other day

261.  he’ll eat almost anything

262.  his love of kombucha

263.  his love of cod liver oil

264.  his love of cod liver oil (this one deserved 2 spots)

265.  he still sucks his thumb

266.  when he sneezes: I can still see his newborn face as he squeezes his eyes closed

267.  his love of books

268.  the way he nicknames those he connects with

269.  the way he loves his friends

270.  his loyalty to his blankie and Hamish (stuffed dog)

271.  he still wonders why he can’t see who he’s talking to on the phone

272.  the way he says, “oh wait, I was wrong”, then corrects his story

273.  he calls himself a big boy

274.  he’s small enough to hold

275.  he is healthy and vibrant

276.  he asks for help

277.  he says he’s sorry

278.  he forgives

279.  he reminds me to say I’m sorry and also forgive

280.  the way he misses his brothers when they are not around

281.  his questions

282.  his memory

283.  the little kick he does at the top of a superman swing motion

284.  his squeals of delight

285.  his childishness

286.  his life