What’s defrosting: grass-fed beef roast, pastured chicken livers, pastured chicken thighs

What’s culturing: milk kefir, water kefir, viili yogurt

What’s fermenting: kombucha, golden beets

What’s soaking to sprout: wheat berries, lentils, brown rice

What’s soaking in vodka: vanilla beans for vanilla extract

What’s steeping: red raspberry tea and rooibos (together)

What’s dehydrating: sprouted sunflower seeds

What’s blending: frozen bananas, kefir, peanut butter, coconut oil, herb powder and flax meal

What’s about to move outside: mixing lye with water to make my first batch of soap

What smells so good: that little area between Olly’s neck and shoulder as I kiss and inhale his sweet baby skin

What’s on its way to my kitchen: a 2 gallon crock to make pickles and kraut as well as a juicer!!