You guessed it; blue cheese ice cream!  It was a David Lebovitz recipe: Roquefort Honey Ice Cream.

And.  It.  Was.  Cheesy.

We love blue cheese in our house.  While the taste was very pleasant and sweet enough to call ice cream; it wasn’t the type of treat you scoop a big bowl of.  I could only handle a small ramekins at a time.  It’s quite rich and missing that comfort-in-a-bowl I’m looking for in my ice cream.  It’s an intriguing combination, but one I won’t be making it again.  You must rank a tad bit higher to win a churning spot in my ice cream maker/jamb-packed-full-of-beef-and-pork-and-lamb-and-stock-bones-and-liver-and-marrow-bones-etc freezer!

Crap, I really just need a deep freezer.  Not that it would make blue cheese ice cream to fill it.  I would not.  I’d buy half a cow.  Another day, another post…probably still another year away.

So what to do with a quart of blue cheese ice cream in the over-flowing freezer?  Well, feed it to the boys!  They ask for it after each dinner and bite by bite, by-golly, they are gonna finish it off.  I like the ingredients (egg yolks, milk, raw cream, honey, blue cheese) and am happy to see the quart disappearing.

I’m wanting me some chocolate next…gotta make room in the freezer.  Come on boys!!