My baby, Oliver, turned one this past week!  We had a little family party this Saturday to celebrate this precious life we love!

The grandparents (Zpa and Bebe) arrived and were greeted with some signature Catchy snuggles.

And then straight to work on making and decorating the party hats:

Olly woke up from his morning nap a tad bit confused about all the fuss, but warmed up quickly by refusing his party hat:

Our friend, Alicia, was also able to join us and did wear her party hat.  Here is the crew before we sat down to eat.

{The lunch menu}

Kale, onion and cheese tart (crust made with yoghurt dough from Nourishing Traditions, page 485)

Fresh blueberries with raw maple cream


It was also Zpa’s birthday this past week and we had some candles waiting for him; Happy Birthday Zpa!

Olly’s brother’s helped with his candle, then he got a delicious second serving of…blueberries.  Sugar isn’t on the food list for this one year old quite yet.  Oh stop it, he’ll be fine!  When he can have some of this cake…it’s gonna be heaven.  Because this cake is perfection!

Here is the recipe; I wouldn’t change a thing (however, I didn’t have sour cream, so I did use yogurt instead and it worked out well.  I also used only rapadura sugar).  The cake is dense and moist and very deep chocolate-y while the frosting is similar to chocolate mousse.  Crave!

Our fam of five!  Tee is 4 years old, Catcher is 2.5 years old and Olly just turned 1!  They are all 18 months apart.

His eyes, his cheeks…I try to eat him up at least 20 times a day, every single day.  And on his birthday, he wore a little vintage (very vintage, 1930s) romper.  I like to think about how many little boys may have had their first birthdays in this sweet, handmade frock.

It’s time for a little play:

And some fun presents.  Check out these cool new kicks from Aunt Becky!!

The grandparents with their grandbaby boys!

Olly needed a milk break-ola:

And Tee needed a book break (classic):

After some milk and book breaks, Olly was up and ready to play!

The Wii came out and some boys (age 32 and up) were schooled in the ways of tennis and boxing by Alicia:

We laughed, ate, played and laughed some more…all the while celebrating family and amazed at how fast a year has gone by with Oliver.  Our hearts are continuously overflowing and grateful for the life of our Olly.

We love you baby boy…not such a baby boy, nor a big baby boy, but truly our toddler now.