Phew, that was some rest(ful) stop.  Seems like we were there FOREVER.  Or maybe just for breakfast, but you wouldn’t know it by my blogging!

We took a cross-country (ok, just the east coast) trip up to Rhode Island a few weeks ago.  The first part of our trip included a quick visit with those dear Buck girls and Bryan.  We packed into their new urban home, all 1000 sq feet of it, talked all day and night, loving every second.  It’s fun to slumber party with friends who feel like cousins.  We managed to sneak in a quick belly belly shoot of Jude Anders as he did those big, 3rd trimester kicks.  He’s coming soon and the excitement for his arrival is in the air!

We then spent a couple of nights in Hagerstown in the most restful home of the Cox’s (though we missed them by a day and never got to catch up in person!).

Their home is surrounded by water and you must cross this rickety bridge to get to it.  The posts and wire fencing are merely there for sighting yourself across the death-trap; don’t think for a second they’d keep you from the river below.  After my debilitating mild panic attack, I was able to appreciate the incredible beauty of the bridge…and the boys loved to run free down the hills.

Auntie B made it across the bridge and  joined us in Hagerstown!  She didn’t fall off the edge!  She didn’t plummet to her death off that bridge into a fire-y mess!  It was a vacation miracle.  She couldn’t have cared less about the danger involved and plowed her way over that bridge, laughing the whole time (probably snickering too).  What is it with 3rd children and the no fear thing?  We all went picnicking and hiking.

We then drove to see her digs in Philly where she is a counseling student at Westminster Theological Seminary as well as a CCEF intern (we’re proud of you B!).

We love our Auntie (my little sister) and wish she lived closer.  However, she does tend to live in pretty fun places.  Still.  Move closer Auntie B.

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