These 3 sweet treats are fantastic.  They use nourishing ingredients, are gluten free and get healthy coconut oil into your diet (well, a couple of them anyway).

Grain-free gluten-free chocolate cake by Joyful Abode

I don’t have a picture of the cake, but please try it and be surprised by the fluffy texture.  We keep eating ours up too fast to shoot.  I have yet to do the ganache–the cake cut into wedges has been enjoyable enough.

These nourishing renditions of classic candies are creative to say the least.  Kimi@Nourishing Gourmet has plenty of good ideas and I have never been dissappointed by a recipe she creates!  For the peanut butter cups, we topped ours with melted dark chocolate (soy lethicin free, thank you Trader Joe’s).  And the coconut cups are made directly as the recipe directs.

Homemade, Heathlier “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups by Nourishing Gourmet

“Mounds” candy bar by Nourishing Gourmet

We don’t have a lot of sweet treats in our house, but these have a permanent spot on our treat rotation!  I store them in the freezer and they are that perfect sweet bite to grab.