We make early crawlers and laaate walkers.  Right at 6 months they begin to crawl.  Everywhere.  And they proceed to crawl for a solid 8 months.  It’s a time in my life when I’m confronted with how dirty my floor really is.  But, the constant sweeping and mopping and hand washing and under my breath cursing because of the never ending dirt, for now, has diminished because Olly is walking!!

I love how he holds his hands up in the air to walk.  And stumbles about but catches his balance just at the right times.  My baby isn’t a baby anymore!  I think he knows another little lamb is on their way and is getting independent.  Fast.  He’s so stinkin’ cute.  I can hardly stand it.

My dad (Zpa to the kids) is taking this video while we are in Vero Beach chillaxin’ over the long weekend.  We’re all pretty excited about Olly walking!