1.  bye bye skinny jeans.  your belly sees 2 lines on a preg test and immediately assumes the outward position.

2.  you get car sick.  and you’re the one driving.

3.  road side vomit is the norm

4.  your eggs taste like fish oil and your fish oil tastes sweet and they all taste bad when burped up.

5.  there’s a midnight pee.  a 2am pee.  a 4 am pee. a 6am pee…

6.  you stare at your navel with amazement

7.  giddy

8.  complete sentences don’t come easy.

9.  you have a fried chicken craving and find yourself frying chicken at 3pm.  your new “first dinner” time.

10.  crash out at 10pm.

11.  your whole body chemistry changes and so does your deodorant effectiveness.

12.  40 oz water bottle always within reach.

13.  giddy (still)

14.  and thankful

14 1/2. you email your husband “ETA?” around 2pm.

15.  you realize, for the first time, that someone has to feed your 3 kids breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 daily snacks.  it’s a lot of food handling.  especially when everything smells like fish.

16.  Olly starts to walk to prove he’s no longer the baby, tear.

17. Catcher has a new interest in big boy underwear.  and you have no interest in potty training this week.

18.  Tee grew up over night and is suddenly responsible and able and a young gentleman helping his mama around the house, with eagerness.

19.  Thom takes over the kombucha.  and kitchen.  and laundry.  and cleaning.  and everything.  and is amazing.  and probably very very tired at this point.

20.  you wake up in the morning and open your eyes, but don’t move…trying to evaluate what the day will be like by your vomit meter.

21.  today, pretty vomity.

22.  more navel gazing.

23.  3 boys are LOUD

24.  and wonderful

25.  you know you’re preggo when you can’t imagine your life without these 4 babies.  and all the everything it takes to have them in arms seems like just another day.  just another day of needing Jesus.