Early Saturday morning Pappy slipped from a coma to be with Jesus.  Immediately.  Pain free and in the sweet arms of his Savior.

Maybe he is meeting my Papa?  And I know he’s holding his precious great-grandson, Andrew.  I hope he also holds my baby cousin, Noah.  And dear baby Addie.

The older boys saw Thom crying Saturday morning after we heard the news.  We sat them down and explained where Pappy was.  We told them he was talking with Moses, shaking hands with Abraham, hearing stories of Goliath from David.  And all those songs we sing to Jesus in church?  Pappy gets to see Jesus now and sing praises directly to him!  We told them how Pappy can now jump around and giggle, throw his hands in the air and sing loudly.  I hope he is playing the piano.

There is a chorus of loved ones in heaven today.  It blows us away to think of their current reality.  And the pain that is no more.  Praise be to God for a Pappy whose love was Jesus.  We will see you again one day.