If you have 2 young boys snoozing away and one content in his bed…

And you’re 18 weeks prego and tired…

You’re going to want to take a nap.

Ah, the fluffy wool topper and wool comforter greet you.

Right as your eyes close to sweet sleep land, your oldest child appears at your bedside.

Mommy, I’m not tired.

So you let him stay up and play in the garden room…with lincoln logs.

After he is set up, you snuggle back into bed.

And he’s back 4 min later, with a tower that needs his mama to look at.

And then 4 min later, he needs a snack.

Then some water.

Then the last chapter of Winnie-the-Pooh read to him.

Then there is a scary siren sound on our street and he needs to snuggle in your bed.

So you snuggle.

And feel kisses on your eyelashes.

And little boy hands tickling your arm.

Then he whispers little littles like “you’re a cutie mama” and “I love you”.

And he giggles.

You snuggle closer, hoping a nap is eminent.

For you both.

And minutes later, you hear slow breath.

And light snoring.

There is a mass of blond hair all snuggled up on your pillow, sleeping.

And by now you can’t sleep.

But he sure is cute sleeping there.

You tiptoe out of bed to get an early start on dinner.


And your youngest wakes up.

Nap time is over and it feels like in never happened.

The end.