It was clear as day.  We’ve seen it 3 times before…looking huge on the screen and peeing all over the place.  Thom and I errupted into laughter as we saw our 4th SON!!

Atticus Pierce Cunningham

My heart is so full.  So loving my precious son.  So aching for him to be in my arms.  Atticus will face a similar road in utero as his older brother, Oliver.  We’ll know more later this week, but there are cysts in his brain.  Soft markers for potential problems ahead.  There will be more ultrasounds and more waiting.

We’ve known for almost 2 hours.  We’ve cried and rejoiced over our son.  Many times already.  Today we celebrate his life; he is with us, alive and well.  And God is good.

Join us at the cross!  We’ll be their…praying for our son by name.  We are blessed to do so.  And we have 4 sons!