Dear Atticus,

Your brothers and I enjoyed spending the day with you.  Your oldest brothers made trains out of the kitchen chairs while I mopped the floors.  Their stuffed dogs were their passengers.  Each boy has a similar dog and the brother just older than them gets to name them…we’ll get you one too and Ollie will name him.  You’ll love it.  So far we have Hamish, Dat and Catchel Keese Keese.  I’ll have to explain those silly names later.

They make such a mess at meal time.  Every single one of them.  We expect you to make a mess too.

Oliver took a long morning nap and we were just waiting and waiting for him to wake up.  We went to Ikea today.  Those were all those loud noises you heard; the loud-speaker and your brothers squealing in the toy section.  You were pretty quiet, listening or sleeping I’m sure.

We enjoyed Ikea with you and talked a lot about you on the ride home.

Your brothers all went straight to naps when we got home, but you’ve been with me cleaning up the toys and setting up a craft for the older boys.  You’re always with me.  And I love it.

You like to kick at night and in the morning.  You’re the last little one I think about as I fall asleep and the first one to greet me in the morning.

Daddy and I spent time praying over your brothers hearts last night.  Maybe you heard us.  We have the same prayers for your heart as we do for them.  I’m sure you also heard the protests and repentance over and over today as your brothers are in boot camp.  Oh boy.  Be glad you’re in the belly little guy.  You’ve got all you need in there.

Well sweetie, we’re at 20 weeks today.  You and me.  I’m thankful to be here.  Thankful to feel good.  Thankful to know you and enjoy you today.

I ordered you a hand-woven white blanket last week.  It arrived on Friday.  While it’s not like your brothers blankets, which aren’t made anymore, this one is just as beautiful and special.

I’m getting it monogrammed with your name later this week.  My heart needs to prepare for you in tangible ways some days.

We have great hope and expectation that you will be in our arms this spring, Atticus.  I love preparing for you, dreaming about you, feeling you move around, talking about you and most of all praying for you.

So buddy, I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you today…