Because you live down the street (hooray!) and I could never make you something like this and mail it.

Because you got the red headed daughter you’ve always dreamed about this past year (and a most precious boy!).

Because I’ve been hiding this pic from you for weeks.  Do you know how hard that is? Phew!

Because you said 30 is old and that your skin is changing. Lies!

Because you take about 1000 pics a day.

Because time with your babies this morn was the best way to start your 30th birthday.

Because you have about a 1 in 5 chance of actually getting this gift in person considering Catcher almost stepped on it 5 different times this morning.

Because I can’t wait for you to see Pieces in this pic; a pic of this pic does not do it justice!

Because it’s your 30th birthday today and I hope you feel special and loved!

(the canvas is your gift, the Catcher is mine)