We had a little playdate with our buddy, Brooks, today.  There’s this boy language that comes out between brothers and friends.  I guess it’s called brotherhood?  The action of throwing dirt into the air, sticks into the pond, yelling at the airplanes and squealing at the trees…laughing at the tooting.  I think they may be born with this special understanding that they were made to do all of the above and more.

Here are Tee (4.5), Brooks (16 months), Ollie (17 months), Catcher (3) and of course, Attie was with us too.  I am hard pressed to find more joy than when I watch them all running ahead of me around a lake; what they stop at, how they look back for affirmation and their little arms swishing as they run “super fast mommy, I’m so super fast”.  These days are some of the sweetest.

Wishing I had brought my camera today…but the iphone got a snapshot.