Lately, as in this entire pregnancy thus far, I’ve not been able to adhere to a weekly meal plan.  Huge bummer for my household resulting in lots of eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  At least they are pastured eggs from a local source.  I treat eggs from the regular ol’ grocery store like they would kill us.  Thankfully some of my food rules have made it through the last 28 weeks.  Moving on.

Instead of a meal plan, I make weekly round ups of foods that sound good/could utilize random CSA box veggies/give me lots of good, lunch leftovers.  This weeks list looks like this:

Roasted corn pudding in acorn squash

Sprouted pinto beans and sprouted brown rice with cheese

Sprouted wheat tortillas

“Sushi” avocados (sliced avocados drizzled with olive oil, sesame oil and soy sauce)

Chard and Cheese quiche

Napa cabbage with red onions cooked in apple cider vinegar

Sweet potato fries

Sprouted wheat bread

Roasted garlic to spread on the bread

No peep stew and beer bread for the family we’re bringing dinner to on Wednesday

Daily milk kefir and fermented cod liver oil

Fresh squeezed orange/grapefruit juice one morning

Left over sprouted whole wheat pancakes, toasted with peanut butter for breakfast “sandwiches”

Soaked oatmeal

Chard and eggs at breakfast (can you tell we have lots of chard around here?)

That should be enough.  The quiche alone will feed us for 2 dinners and a lunch.  The pinto beans and rice will be a hot bowl one night, then pressed in a sprouted wheat wrap the next night.  The acorn squash will be a one night deal, but their will be left over corn pudding to pair with the sweet potato fries and cabbage for another dinner.

On Thurs night we’ll get our CSA box.  The new veggies will set the weekend menu, along with leftovers from the week.  For Sunday lunch today we had a huge salad with tons of random add-ins: fermented peppers and garlic, pickled beets, sprouted sunflower seeds, cheese chunks, apple chunks, watermelon radishes, cold leftover quinoa….hmmm, lettuce.

We’ve been doing a “salad bomb” the last couple weeks to bring the veggie love back.  Tee chowed his entire salad today (good job bud) while Catch and Ollie made a fair stab at it.  Thom and I split my favorite beer with our lunch.  If you live in Orlando, try Orlando Brewing Company’s Blonde Ale.  I love a good, live, fermented product.

There is our upcoming week in food.  And next Sunday we’ll get our bi-monthly supply of raw milk.  With 1 gallon left in the fridge from our last order, I’ll be rationing milk this week and there will be no yogurt.  But next week, everything will have a yogurt sauce because I ordered 6 gallons; yogurt and cream cheese again!  And I promise, these 3 crazy, hungry, boys will finish those 6 gallons off by the Wed before our next order again.

We need another fridge.  Yesterday.

What’s on your meal plan this week?