I have this theory about third born babes.  Especially in all boy homes (all girls would work here too).  It’s seems they are so confident, so developmentally fast.  Here’s my theory.

Ollie has 2 older brothers who speak his language and are just a few steps ahead.  He has every chance to learn from them while being protected as the “baby” of the family.  Plus, being the third, he is so adored and affirmed at every move; he never seems to live in hesitation that anyone would think anything less than great about him.  Therefore he’s free to have big love, big confidence, big learning, big tears and all at full speed ahead!

Yesterday was a beautiful summery day (in February) and Ollie took on the big boy swing all Superman style!  It’s his brothers favorite thing to do.  Watching my 18 month old trying it out all by himself just seemed so big to me.   Minutes before, he was strapped in the baby swing.

Changing in front of my very eyes.  Growing up way too fast.  But in this warp speed childhood, oh how stinkin’ cute they are!