For the moments like these, when a babe wakes up sad from a nap but dinner must be made.  And when my mama heart wants so badly to cuddle them, but also must fill the many bellies of the household.  When an extra set of arms would be a huge commodity.  I’m close (and more than willing) to turn off the stove and scratch dinner for my child’s needs, but there may be another way.

Slinging Ollie on my back (the rucksack hold with ties at the chest instead of the waist-it’s the only comfortable carry while I’m pregnant) is a simple joy.

He nuzzles deep into the back of my neck, holding his blanket and sucking his left thumb; he’s a complete part of my time in the kitchen and I am so thankful to have him there.  Warm and safe.  I can feel his breath.

The exhales as he sinks into my back are the quiet moments I will cherish forever.  Me and Oliver.