I’m coming off 2 weeks of being sick.  The kind of icky virus that threw me into labor for about 16 hours.  Attie is stubbornly head down, but facing sunny side up.  Basically called BACK LABOR.  Yowza, never had that before.  I’ve heard it described as stabbing, burning.  Yes, all true.  I’d like to also add makes-you-want-to-break-your-back-off pain.  I’m 35 weeks preggo pops and off to the chiropractor I go.  Operation let’s get Attie into a better position has launched.

I’m not very prepared for anything; I’m not very nesty right now.  That’s messing with my head.  Is this just fourth child=sorta know what to expect?  I don’t know, but I’m taking comments, if you have any.

This song has been a favorite of mine lately.  It has nothing to do with being pregnant or birth.  It’s just a love song that is more accurate than most.  Repeat on my itunes.

And that’s about it for the randomness of my head today.  I’m spinning, but quiet.  Very blunt, but also cautious to open my mouth lest what will fall out.  I’m trying to envision that newborn, believe he will be in my arms and I’m struggling.  At the heart of it all, I’m waiting on Attie.  And I’m weary today.