It’s Saturday morning.  The boys favorite day of the week because it means Daddy is home!  But not this morning.  Daddy is out turkey hunting.  Here’s to hoping there’s a bird to roast this afternoon 🙂

Tee woke me up at 6:30a this morn crying in his sleep, yet standing in my room.  As I went to nudge the empty spot where Thom is supposed to be (remember, out shooting turkeys), I realized I was going to have to converse with Tee.  We spent 1.5 hours talking.  I didn’t mind.  The convo was sweet.  But I’m tired.

I’ve been on a major donut kick this week.  It’s the strangest craving because they literally make me sick.  Why do I keep going back?  I’m sure there’s a deep analogy in there somewhere.  I’m going to spare myself and just call it a 35, almost 36 week pregnant anomaly.

I was suuuuper close to tossing my PJ clad boys in the car and driving through the donut line.  Oh so close.  Tired.  Talked out.  No daddy with the usual pancakes.  Weird cravings.  I was so close.

But I couldn’t do it.  The boys have yet to have donuts.  They’ve only had little bites.  And I don’t want to be sick today.  And on and on and on.  So I turned on the oven and committed to breakfast.

What seemed like an impossible start to the day this morning at 6:30a turned out to be a blessed inspiration…we are stuffed!

Eggs scrambled with rainbow chard and onions

Strawberries topped with raw whipped cream

Sprouted wheat cream scones


Raw milk