Hi.  I tidied up the blog a bit.  Not too much.  Still don’t have a search bar.  That’d be nice.  But the big changes will have to wait.

For now, I nixed the Children’s Book list because I wasn’t updating it.  I promise, my children have moved on from Goodnight Moon (though, it’s still a family favorite, so comforting!), you just wouldn’t know that by looking at my list.

I also updated my Photography tab to include my current equipment.

And lastly, I updated the I Wantsies with the 2 wantsies for Attie.  I almost, almost, talked myself out of his monogrammed towel like his other 3 brothers all have.  But then thought that I really didn’t want to hear  how he wore an “Oliver” towel as a baby and that we didn’t cherish him and blah blah blah in 20 years.  So, while we have 3 perfectly usable, though monogrammed with Tee, Catcher and Oliver towels, Atticus needs one too.  Because we do cherish him.  And damnit, he’ll have a towel to prove it.

That’s all.  Baby steps.