Mornings have been my better time of the day during this pregnancy.  Then, about 2pm, I’m crashing out and can’t seem to make much progress towards anything.

The boys and I hit the produce stores before Ollie’s morning nap.  I am home with bags and bags of produce to process and have found some inspiration in our finds.  Relief!  It’s been so hard living somewhat craving based, tired based or simply overwhelmed by the messy kitchen based.  I always long for my kitchen energy back at the end of pregnancy; knowing it’s been a worthy road, but so excited to be creative again and make more from scratch.

With the finds today, plus some beauties defrosting in my fridge, here’s what’s around my kitchen.

  • TONS of organic, red, curly kale.  Processing them with a good wash, spin and then removing the hard stem.  The stems we’ll juice and the leaves we’ll eat hearty salads from.
  • To top the kale salad I have some sprouted sunflower seeds, grass-fed cheddar cheese chunks, an olive oil (Chaffin Orchards, delicious!), raw apple cider vinegar, mustard and honey dressing and crunchy radishes and carrots.
  • There were massive leaves of organic, rainbow chard on sale!  I love the pinks, yellows, oranges, reds and purples of the stalks.  Chopped and sautéed with onions and butter in the morn, then mixed with eggs is a favorite breakfast around here.
  • And the onions.  Organic red and white onions for cheap.  I’ll use some of the white for breakfast tomorrow and pickle the red.  I crave pickled red onions with pepper.
  • More of the white onions into the crock pot with the last of our pastured chickens, sad day, some Kerrygold butter, pink peppercorns and a handful of thyme.  Dinner tonight and another meal for the week.
  • I’ll make some chicken broth from the bird and freeze it.  Broth and brown rice noodles with a big scoop of raw kimchi will be many postpartum meals for me.  It might possibly be my favorite meal.
  • Back to the thyme, I still have some left.  I defrosted a pastured stewing hen and will make Coq Au Vin, finishing off the thyme, to freeze for another postpartum family meal.
  • Local oranges are cheap right now!  Loads of vitamin C, perfect to juice and drink with my magnesium.  OJ will be such a treat for the boys.
  • There were organic red cabbages on sale as well as organic fuji apples.  I need half a pack of bacon for the Coq Au Vin and will use the rest to stew with the cabbage, apples and apple cider vinegar.  Possibly as a side to our roast chicken and onions tonight.
  • And the best deal ever: 25 pounds of ripe bananas for $5!  Summer is here and the boys love frozen bananas in the backyard.  We also love the smoothie combination of frozen bananas, raw kefir, peanut butter, cacao powder, raw egg yolks and coconut oil.  Many summer lunches are blended into smoothies.  Also, another easy and crave-able postpartum meal.
  • We have these beautiful eggs from a local farm.  They have deep orange yolks and you can actually taste the grass.  I know that may sound gross, but it’s really delicious.  Organic spinach was also on sale today and I grabbed 3 bunches.  They’ll be lightly wilted in butter and served with very soft boiled eggs and sea salt.  I could eat this 3 times a day.
  • My order of Vital Choice canned wild salmon (omega-3s! grow Attie, grow!) arrived the other day.  Drizzled with olive oil, unpasteurized soy sauce and sesame oil will make a wonderful meal on its own. Or tossed on top of some of the kale.  The boys will be tough competition to get a bite in.  They love salmon.
  • I have a lot of raw kefir around here and will use some to soak ground wheat, making a tart crust.  Filled with leftover veggies and eggs, baked, these tarts will make great anytime meals to freeze.

I’ll stop here.  I have a lot to do before my 2pm CRASH.  But I’m just looking at my kitchen thinking, it’s not very “nesty clean”, but it sure does have a lot to inspire in way of produce.  Maybe this is my new nesting?  Creativity over scrubbed and organized?  I’m taking full advantage today!