He’s my first baby. My FIRST. I still see his newborn cry in the shape of his mouth when he’s sad. The way he wraps his body around mine as I carry him to bed or the infectious giggle when he’s tickled by something, his left thumb sucking and the way the pads of his feet sounds as he runs through the house; these all take me back to my toddler boy, yet growing up so fast.

But in addition to so much that is still with him, he’s grown and changed and it’s wonderful. He cares about his brothers. Deeply. He’s kind and compassionate, thoughtful and sincere. He’s silly and goofy and inclusive; noticing those around him and perceptive of others feelings.

He tells me I’m beautiful and a cutie. We read chapter books together and he cuddles on my shoulder for as long as I read. He’s the boy that made me a mama and these 4 years and 10 months with Tee have been the most precious years of my life.