Look who is still preggo on this arbitrary date in April.  And who is historically the biggest they’ve ever been with any child in pregnancy.  Let me take you back through the 39th week to see how we got here today.

I had and still am craving this smoothie.  It’s a banana, blueberry and kale smoothie.  Because the bananas are very ripe, there is no need for sugar.  And the kale adds the most perfect balance to the sweet fruit.  Try it and you will see.  Try it and you will see with me (Dr. Seuss anyone?)

Quanties are all eyeballed, but here is a guess, serves 2 adults and 3 sorta hungry kids:

Banana, Blueberry and Kale Smoothie

3 frozen, very ripe bananas

8oz frozen blueberries

4 raw egg yolks from pastured eggs (omit if using grocery store eggs)

2 large scoops of coconut oil

fill the rest of the container with green, curly kale (pack it in)

raw milk to top of blueberries

So I had been drinking this smoothie and just going along with life when I had my 39 week appointment with my midwife.  Peed on a little analysis stick and found my lukasites were slightly elevated.  Then bam, 2 days later, I had a full blown cold.  Freak out!  There is no way I’m going to have Atticus and not be able to smell him.  Freak out!  I proceeded with the bomb of my life: bomb the hell out of this cold.  This is what a 39 week preggo, slightly over the top but completely works, cold bomb looks like:

fresh squeezed OJ with 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract (3xs a day on the extract in water after the morning)

a large glass of juiced kale

soft boiled eggs with butter

fermented cod liver oil

netti pot with salts and a probiotic (3xs a day)

fish oil (salmon)

no dairy (mucous inducing), gluten (too much energy on the gut to digest) or sugar (duh)

lots of water

lots of sleep

homemade chicken broth with brown rice noodles and a huge scoop of raw kimchi

Oscillococcinum (every 6 hours)


At 39 weeks and 5 days I knew we had to get to the beach.  We (Thom) packed up the car and the 3 kids that weren’t in my belly and headed over to New Smyrna for the afternoon.  The briny ocean, sun and sand did wonders to knock out the rest of my cold.

I’d like to share with you the biggest I’ve ever been.  In my life.  I think I was referred to a “huge” 3xs by strangers at the beach.  One woman actually waded over to me while I was out in the ocean.  Super awkward.

The pic above was taken on Saturday.  Yesterday (Monday) I was back in my midwifes little office measuring 39 weeks a day before my due date (today!).  With my other boys, I’ve never measured past 37 weeks.  Tee was born 2 days before his due date, but was basically induced by my cute but clueless OB.  Catcher was born on his due date.  And Ollie was 4 days late. I’m a full term kind of girl.  Bring it on!  Eat up and enjoy your time in there Attie!

Tee thinks Atticus will come next Saturday.  He’s quite sure.  I have no idea.  If any of you do, please share.  Things are getting, to quote the random stranger in the ocean, huge up in here.  And oh boy, my boy still must come out before I can hold him.

Until then, and as any good (due)  pregnant girl can do, I can cry with you about anything.  Not that I’m really emotionally connecting with you at any point, I just have the weepies.  They are a lovely new last minute pregnancy addition.  Oh weepies…

So hello due date.  Looking forward to saying hello Atticus.  So much so that, well, I’ll cry about it if you want me to.  I’m 4 cm dilated and feel like I have a special gravity force all around me…the pressure in my hips is ah-mazing.  Aching to hold my boy.  Literally.