I love this picture of Ollie and Thom.  The early morning light and hope for the day.  The excitement building that the new baby brother is coming.  It’s so very our lives today.

The boys wake up and Thom is just finishing up his reading (Bible=stud).  Ollie wants in his lap and asks “Daddies up there, up up?  Peeeez!”.  He then cuddles with Thom and distracts as best he can.  That sweet, sleepy face, warm neck; he’s still my baby.

And the house is quiet this morn.  Boys are trickling into the bathroom.  They’ll probably wake each other up.  It’s 7:47am and they slept in.

Our friend Jason sat with them last night while Thom and I went on a walk around Lake Davis.  They were in bed but took full advantage of their friend–needing all sorts of things including glowing PJs.  They can be such a handful at night.

I contracted my way around the lake.  My energy was high, but I knew these contractions needed to get regular and much stronger.  We returned home and my belly was so sore.  Change is a coming, Attie is a coming.

I had a great night of sleep last night.  I’ve felt my mood change over the last few days and I want to rest up and go into labor.  However, I’ve been so tired and nights of sleep don’t come easily.  I believe once I do find rest, Attie will come.

There is a calm in this waiting season, which is a gift.  And I am thankful…what a privilege to be waiting on my fourth boy.