The boys love to “go”.  Ollie will follow me around in the morning asking for a shirt and his mocs…then grabs his loot: blankie and a trusty car to go wait by the door.

All three boys have agreed on a certain order by which they wait by the door to go.  Catcher on the left, Ollie in the middle and Tee on the right.

Tee can’t be in the middle because there is a sticker on the door that pulls at his hair.  And Ollie can’t be on the right because the older 2 have deemed him “too little” to be near the door handle.  And then Catcher has the left because Ollie should be in the middle so all the brothers can do “cheek to cheek”.

It’s a funny little line up of my tiny men.

We’ve been trying to keep our days normal this week. I have a list of errands, returns and destinations to keep me walking we’ve been working through–to keep us going.

I’m going to run out of errands here. My kitchen is on hold; I’m not growing anything new right now. Missing my ferments and sprouts. But I’m also thinking about those who could take over my kitchen at any point here–rinsing sprouts and pounding kraut might not be as exciting to them.

But what the heck, here’s to throwing caution to the wind, I’m going to sprout some wheat and spelt today. I’m just gonna do it. Phew. Wild life we live over here, just wild.

What will come first–dehydrated sprouts of wheat and spelt or baby Attie? We must run some more errands today. There is no way I’m sitting around here (literally) watching sprouts shoot up, laughing at me as THEY WIN.

We’re going to Ikea to buy wash clothes.