We bought some wash rags at Ikea today. And some chop sticks and paper napkins. You know, the essentials. Oh Ikea.

The boys were so obedient. I walked slowly, but Ikea was a fun outing for us. They watched an old school Dr. Seuss cartoon while they ate all their lunch. Standing by my side as we walked the whole place, they found little places to drive their cars and run. And then we hit their favie part, the warehouse and had even more running. They were so cute in their rain boots and shorts and goofy smiles.

We were home late for naps and fell into bed. Catcher slept with me and curled up on my back the whole time. LOVE.

I wasn’t called huge today. 2 points for me! We got a lot of stares, but no one actually approached us. Yesterday, however, I met Murphy.

I had ordered 4 sets of 3 beef tacos from Virgin Olive Market ($5 Thurs nights!)…for my FAMILY and extra for lunch the next day. I called it in and when I showed up, I was greeted by Murphy saying “you must be Jen!”. Yeppers. How’d you know? He’s goes on and on about how I must be the one who ordered so many tacos, I’m pregnant, I’m huge, I must eat a lot. On and on. Oh Murphy. It was mindless banter. Dangerous, but mindless. I just went with it.

I’m checking out, moving on and he asks if it’s a boy. Yes. And then tells me I should consider naming him Murphy. Without thinking and not knowing I was talking to Murphy, I was all “why the heck would I use the name Murphy, are you messing with me?” On and on. I made poor Murphy blush as he told me his name.


And now that I think about it, it’s sort of a cool name. So Murphy, I apologize. We got started on the wrong foot. Murphy is a name to consider. Just not for my fourth boy. Or fifth. We have our boy names lined up because, lets be realistic, we only make boys.

And then on a totally random note, though not far from how random Murphy is, I’ve been playing a lot of solitaire on my phone lately. I finish a game and think, wow, I’m so good at this. Then check my scores and find it took me twice as long to finish as the top winner. Every time I go to check, I’m all proud and accomplished…and every time I’m at least twice as slow as the scoring players.

Just so you know, I got my time to 1:54 today. And I’m still proud to break 2 minutes. However, the top score guy had 1:15. Argh.

I need to have a baby. Let’s start with a contraction. Just one would be nice. I got nothing.