I had to pee ALL THE TIME today. And man, have I been irritable. Over it irritable. By late afternoon all I wanted to do was curl up in a dark cool room because I was nauseated and tired. Waves of nausea. And oh, why is my belly getting hard with these waves of nausea? Do I have to pee again?

We think my water broke at some point this morning. I am sure now, though I am the last to admit today, that yes, my water has broken.

I’m not having any regular contractions. At all. In fact, my belly gets hard, but there is no pain.

The boys have been whisked off to Sarah’s house. I’m about to decorate the dining room for Attie’s birthday party when the boys come to meet him. These are the belly shots of my PJ’d boys SO EXCITED about a baby brother (and eating bunny crackers at Sarah’s house).

April 30th or May 1st? I am in disbelief that my boy is coming. Disbelief.

Can’t. Stop. Smiling!!