Today I took my little men to Leu Gardens.  They ran down the paths, found the open areas to drive their cars and generally sweated a lot.

They spontaneously jumped into the monkey grass and insisted I take their picture.  Below is Ollie’s version of “put your arm around Catcher”.  Cracks me up.

And tonight Daddy was a little late after a swamped day. After about 30 min with him, they got into PJs, read a bible story, prayed and then were carried, one by one, upsidedown (their fav) to bed. Their giggles are infectious. And as I looked through my lens at Tee, I saw his last upsidedown carry, with super loud squealing, as a four year old.  And my heart swelled, straining to collect and savor the delicious sound, look, smell of Tee at four.  I would later have to discipline him for being out of bed. And when his sobs had quieted down and he nestled into my lap, he would tell me he didn’t want to turn five tomorrow. Four was his favorite and that he was still a little boy.

Tonight, I’m looking for a pause life button. I can imagine most moms of four year olds are. Four was precious on Tee. And I have sweet expectations for five as well.

Goodnight sweet, giggling, prince all tucked away with your blankie and stuffed animals. I cherish tonight knowing you are still my little boy and thankful to be here to witness your lasts.

Tomorrow you will be five!  And with a last, a sweet first begins…