Hey, Uncle Michael, over here, look at the littlest one!

Tee, Catcher, Oliver and myself (Atticus!) want to wish you a happy 30th birthday!  You sure love us well and we miss you all the time.  Most days the older boys have a toy car pulled aside, waiting for you to come play with them.  They like it when you throw them up super high and then catch them and snuggle.  I like you to just snuggle right now with me, but I’ll be ready very soon to play the same games! You are really really tall and we want to be as big as you one day.

Did you have a good birthday? We heard Auntie B flew to Dallas from Philly and surprised you. We also heard she pulled together a surprise party for you. We know you are very loved…

We want to see you again soon Uncle Michael. Will you teach us silly games like johnny poolie woolie? Oh, and guess what! Daddy is building bunk beds. Tee, Catchie and Ollie will have a spot, but I’ve been told I’ll be in a crib a little longer. You can have my bunk when you come to visit!  It’ll be the best sleep and earliest wake-up call 🙂

Tee told me you’ve been there from the beginning of all of us brothers. Here you are with Tee just a few weeks old. Thanks for loving us so well Uncle Michael. We love you.