What was my little dude thinking, turning 2 on me like that?

And oh how he had some sweet faces on his day. We had special meals, a batman car (or is it called a “batmobile?”), singing, candles, cake and ice cream. It was a family affair and just right for the ripe old age of 2.

Ollie is my most verbal child at 2, almost parrot-like tho, repeating everything you say with the same inflections and all. And then he’ll bust out with phrases that show us just how much he does grasp like “I have my shirt on too and it’s right here”. These sorts of phrases help me to (emphatically) answer yes! when his pediatrician asks if he has 40+ words. Oh yes doctor. Every minute we hear at least 40+ words from Ollie 🙂 (we’re at 75% for weight and 90% for height)

He cuddles big time. He loves his brothers with all his heart (Teeee! Betchy, Catchy Betchy! Attie-kiss!). He gives daddy the biggest welcome home from work you’ve ever seen, every night. He calls me “mommies”. And he calls water “lauter”. He thanks you, unprompted and it feels so sincere. He runs hard, falls even harder, cries just as hard and calms down with his blanket almost immediately. He also laughs big and his eyes dance. I’m never short on “I love you’s” from Ollie. And I hope Ollie knows, in his 2 year old way, just how much he is loved today. Every day, for that matter.

Happy birthday my beautiful 2 year old!