It’s been 3  months of preciousness.  Big time swooning over our little man…you haven’t really laughed until you’ve laughed with Attie.  He has this deep and infectious belly laugh that gets your smiley cheeks hurtin’ real fast.  And his eye locking gaze.  Oh my.


At 3 months old, my dreamy boy:
is 50% across the board, physically
sleeping a solid 7p-7a with 5 square (breast)feedings during the day
still needs a little nap love between each feeding
prefers to sleep on his belly
smiles from ear to ear and laughs out loud
has a rockin’ sad face and killer bottom pout lip
also burps like a sailor
he’s pushing up on his belly with his big biceps
babbles like crazy
is a great car traveler
adored by his older brothers
always has fabulous breath
started to suck on some of his fingers
and might be breaking out of his swaddling days