I have to share a little secret. While life with 4 kiddies 5 and under has its moments (understatement), it has highlights that money can’t buy. Not even for a bazillion dollars.

I just finished lunch with the boys. They could eat a cow. Seriously, we need to buy a cow. A whole one. Deep freezer here we come.

But I love to cook, so this massive amount of food consumption works for me. It’s so fulfilling to top off their bellies, to see their attitudes change when nourished and gather around the table in conversation. Triple every recipe.

It’s work for the kingdom, growing men in both physical strength but even more importantly strength of heart to follow Jesus. For someone who loves to cook, a table of six is a dream come true. Add the cow and well, if you know me at all you know a backyard cow isn’t that far-fetched (maybe not in downtown Orlando, but working on it nonetheless). Raw milk. Oh, and chickens too! But then when it came time for some steak and fried chicken, I may get a little squeamish saying goodbye to Bessie and Cluck…therefore I support the hardworking local farmers who are able to do this labor intensive work.

Getting back to my point.

There is that brief window in life when you have a baby. They wake only wanting you and you can comfort them completely. I’ve been seeing Attie between 6a-7a. He’s popped out of his swaddle by then and rooting around. I pull him into bed and it’s a split second root, latch on and then loud swallowing. I’m able to cuddle with my boy, smelling his sweet head with his feet pressed on my belly. I miss feeling him kick inside of me. Mornings are the closest little memories I get of those sweet days.

The big boys have started playing with legos in their room when they wake up. They’ll spend a good hour in there. And then Ollie, turns out, likes to sleep in! While Attie is still with us, Ollie is having possibly his first and last room to himself. I rarely hear from him before 8:30p. Cracks me up to just learn this about my boy!

After that first feeding of the day, capitalizing on the teenage sleep patterns coupled with some lego love, Attie and I will get a little nap together. Oh. My. Sweetness. Does this time ever have to end? Soaking up these precious early days…

And then big boys eat breakfast and I start thinking we may need a bazillion dollars. Or a cow. 🙂  See how cyclical it all is?