We were a little sleepy after returning from the beach. Sunday afternoon was slow and off.

And while the older boys jumped right into lego towers, there was something a brewin’.

Gross, it’s a STOMACH BUG! Run for your life!

Oh wait. I can’t.  I’m the mom.

Down went Ollie. Then Attie. Catcher followed and went the longest. And then Tee jumped in too. Par-tay, par-tay.

Thom came home with a strong headache. DOWN. And some pretty awesome one liners have surfaced from the little guys.

Catcher, while tossin’ his cookies and crying, “I’m super duper hungry mommy”.

And later Tee, while tossin’ his cookies, “oh yuk, my burps are just AWFUL mommy!”.

They all call what they are doing “spitting up”.  Cracks me up.  We’re not too familiar with cookie tossin’ around here.  Unless mom is pregnant.  Then we get real comfortable, real fast.  For the boys, however, this is only round two of their lives.

Babes are on pallets, my man is sleeping and I’m on cookie tossin’ watch. I have to admit, I love taking care of my little men. And the bigger one too. They are sweet and pitiful just lying around.

We all had chicken broth for dinner.  Wonderful, healing, gelatinous chicken broth.  I’d like to thank the chicken feet for that gelatin.  Salted and warm with a deep golden hue, it’s one of the most comforting foods.  A little coconut water for those who were tolerating the broth.  And now, nothing else passes a cookie tossin’ mouth unless they’ve been clear for 3-4 hours.  Gotta give that belly a rest.

It seems Catcher snuck some water in somewhere after dinner.  And man did he regret that.

I expect to have a happier morning tomorrow.  Their water cups will be washed and freshly filled at the table.  Blankies are swirling in the washing machine right now.  I’ll dry them tonight as well.

It’s been a quiet house for the last hour (poor Catcher).  Out you go stomach bug.  Let me show you the front door.  Porch light off!  And goodnight…