We recently moved houses. When viewing the house for the first time, I noticed the foyer right away. It was a major “pro” and something few florida houses seem to have. In our last house, you walked right into the living room and it drove me crazy. Often I’d be pushing aside block towers or relocating elaborate train tracks just to open the door. Oh how many collective hours the UPS man spent waiting for me to “just hold on a sec and I’ll open the door and sign for it”.

This new place meant no more toys at the front door! Yeah right! I bought a rug for our foyer and suddenly the boys are stripping down to their tighties and rolling around the rug saying “oh mommy it’s so soft. So soft on my body!”. What the heck, have you boys never seen a rug before!?

And quickly, my perfect, open foyer, free of toys and softened by a wool rug was filled with toys, sharp legos, stuffed animals, blankets and boys. Boys laying everywhere in the foyer. It’s their first morning stop and last place to clean up at night.

They have this thing where they organize their cars on the rug. It’s pretty impressive. And as I’m pushing them out-of-the-way, yet again, to open the door for who ever is knocking, I look down and think, “hmm, we are low on purple cars”. ¬†Sometimes you just have to accept the circumstances and move on.